Rear-End Collision

Rear-End Collisions

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A rear-end collision is a motor vehicle accident that involves the front end of one car hitting the back end of a vehicle in front of them. These types of accidents can be classified as minor "fender benders" while others can be serious and even fatal collisions. If you or someone you love has been involved in this type of motor vehicle collision, please do not hesitate to speak with a Reno car accident attorney at Shook & Stone. We know how to deal with insurance adjusters and fight to get fair compensation for accident victims and their families.

Who is at-fault in a rear-end auto accident?

In a majority of rear-end collisions, the car that sustains damage to the front end of their vehicle is considered at-fault, since it is likely that they initiated the impact. At best, the driver of the vehicle that sustained front end damage may not be responsible for 100 percent of the accident. For example, an insurance adjuster might place 20 percent of the blame on the driver who sustained rear-end damage to their vehicle because they were driving while distracted and stopped suddenly, while 80 percent of the blame would still be placed on the driver who caused the impact.

The state of Nevada has a comparative fault/contributory negligence statute that says a person can collect compensation from the other driver's insurance so long as their percentage of fault does not exceed 50 percent. This means that, if you were involved in a rear-end accident and an insurance company tells you that you are partially at-fault, you can still collect compensation from the at-fault driver's insurance if you are not more than 50 percent at-fault. Drivers involved in rear-end accidents should also be aware that, if they are partially at fault, they can collect compensation up to the amount that the other driver was liable for.

Common Injuries Caused by Rear-End Car Accidents

One of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents, and particularly in rear-end accidents, is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the tendons and ligaments in the neck are stretched beyond their normal range of motion. This can lead to soreness, stiffness, headaches and even dizziness.

Fractures can be caused by more severe rear-end accidents, such as when a vehicle traveling at a high speed impacts another and causes that vehicle to spin out off of the road or into oncoming traffic.

Head and Brain Injuries
Serious rear-end accidents can cause victims to suffer trauma to the head and resulting traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as hematoma, loss of consciousness, open-head injuries and more.

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If you or someone you care about was recently involved in a rear-end accident caused by a negligent or careless driver, please do not hesitate to contact our firm to receive a free initial evaluation of your case. We will look at all the facts surrounding your case, such as your auto insurance policy, the police report and any other documentation (medical records, damage estimate, etc.) that you might have.

According to the Nevada Revised Statutes § 485.3091, every Nevada driver is required to carry the minimum auto insurance coverage:

  • $15,000 bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $10,000 property damage per accident

Not only might you be entitled to the compensation available in an auto insurance policy, but you may also be entitled to take further legal action and file a personal injury claim for additional compensation such as pain and suffering. Contact a Reno car accident lawyer from Shook & Stone to discuss your case today.

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