Speeding & Car Accidents

Speeding Accidents in Reno, NV

Speeding is a dangerous practice, with nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities occurring in accidents that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has labeled "speeding-related." This means that a driver in the collision was charged with a speeding offense, or that an officer at the scene noted that a driver was exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast for current conditions. Speeding increases the chances that a driver will cause or be involved in a car accident. It also increases the likelihood of injury and death, as the force of impact will be greater at higher speeds.

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Have you been involved in an accident with a driver who was speeding? A Reno car accident attorney at Shook & Stone may be able to help you seek the full financial compensation to which you are entitled. Our firm represents injured drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists throughout Reno, Carson City and the surrounding areas in Nevada. We have been helping the injured since 1997 and have more than 85 years of experience to apply to the cases we handle.

If you are interested in seeking monetary damages that will cover all of your medical bills, property damage, lost earnings and all other losses or expenses associated with your car accident injuries, you are likely to achieve far better results with an attorney's help than on your own. Insurance companies are notorious for offering the lowest possible settlements and may even deny or delay valid claims. The right attorney can ensure your rights are protected through the claims process, putting the right amount of pressure on the insurance company to seek a fair settlement and litigating if the insurer turns to bad faith practices.

The Consequences of Speeding

According to statewide traffic accident statistics from 2010 provided by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), 19 people were killed and 2,253 were injured in accidents where a vehicle was "driving too fast for conditions." 18 people were killed and 227 were injured in accidents involving a vehicle that "exceeded authorized speed limit."

As seen in the above statistics, there are two types of speeding. The first involves driving above the posted speed limit in an area. Speed limits are in place to protect motorists and pedestrians and will vary depending on the road itself and the area in which the road is located. A steep hill or curve, for example, would typically have lower speed limits than highway straightaways. The same applies to residential areas, which have lower speed limits than freeways or highways. The second type of speeding involves driving too fast for current conditions. Drivers should slow down, even below the posted speed limit, if faced with harsh weather conditions, unsafe roads or slow traffic. Adjusting speed based on weather, road and traffic conditions is a key part of safe driving, and drivers who drive too fast for current conditions may be considered speeding.

Drivers who exceed posted speed limits or drive too fast for conditions place themselves and everyone in the area in danger because they may be at risk of losing control or having insufficient time to stop in the event of a hazard or change in traffic. They also increase the chances of injury in any resulting collision. In a high-speed collision, all parties involved are more likely to experience serious injuries or to lose their lives because the force of impact is greater than in a low-speed collision.

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