Texting Accidents

Texting Accidents in Reno, Nevada

Were you hit by a texting driver?

In Nevada, there is a handheld cellphone ban for all drivers and a ban on texting for all drivers, yet still there are hundreds of these accidents in Reno and throughout Nevada every year. Statistically, texting and talking on the phone contributes to approximately 23% of car accidents every year. In 2011, there were 1.3 million texting and driving accidents in the United States. The statistics are shocking, and yet people continue to operate vehicles while distracted. A Reno car accident lawyer from our firm may be able to provide you with legal counsel after this type of accident.

Younger drivers are more at risk for causing texting and driving accidents. This is likely because younger drivers are combining inexperience with distraction, a recipe for disaster. Consider some of the teen and young adult texting and driving statistics:

  • 77% of young adults are confident that they can safely text and drive, but those who do spend on average 10% of their time driving outside their lane.
  • 13% of drivers age 18-20 admitted that they were texting and driving at the time the accident occurred.
  • 34% of all young adults (surveyed) said that they had texted while driving at some point in their lives.

Texting and driving is the most dangerous type of distracted driving because it involves all three major types of distraction: manual, visual and cognitive. In fact, texting and driving increases a driver's risk of accident by 23 times. When a person knows these statistics and knows the Nevada ban on both handheld cellphone use and texting, there is no excuse. Texting drivers who cause accidents should be held responsible. There are, however, complicated liability issues that could arise.

Liability in Texting & Driving Accidents

Insurance companies will look for all possible causes of the accident. While cell phone use may be an obvious factor in the accident, insurance companies can also take other factors into consideration such as speeding, failure to yield, improper lane changes and more. Even if a texting driver hit you, you could be deemed partially liable for the accident. In Nevada, there is a comparative fault statute which says that, so long as a person's liability does not reach 51 percent, they can recover compensation up to the amount that the other party was liable.

For example, if you were involved in an accident with a texting driver, but you were determined to have been 40 percent liable because of an improper lane change, you could still recover up to 60 percent of the compensation. If the total damage amounted to $3,000, this means that you could recover $1,800. The other party, however, would not be entitled to compensation from your insurance since they were more than 50 percent at-fault. For further explanation of Nevada's comparative liability statutes, please get in touch with a Reno car accident attorney from our firm.

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