No Fees Unless We Win

No Fee Unless We Win

At Shook & Stone, we work all personal injury cases on a conditional fee agreement. What this means for our clients is that they pay absolutely no fees up front. In addition, we are only paid if your case is successful. If and when your case reaches a successful resolution, our firm will collect a previously agreed upon percentage of the total amount of compensation awarded in a settlement, verdict, or judgment. This percentage will cover all attorney fees and any legal procedure fees, as well as costs arising from any investigations we conducted during the course of your case or the use of any appropriate experts, when necessary. The way the conditional fee agreement works for you is simple: if we don't win, you don't pay.

How can conditional fees benefit you?

Our firm truly cares about the injured residents of Reno and Carson City, and we strongly believe that a conditional fee agreement is the right ethical choice for our clients. Beyond this, however, there are several practical purposes behind conditional fees that ultimately improve the strength of cases and give our clients the best chance of obtaining the maximum compensation possible. We use this "no fee unless we win" approach for the following reasons:

Fight Back Against Insurance Companies
One of the most challenging aspects a personal injury case can pose is that they are often aggressively disputed by insurance companies. These large insurance companies, as well as some businesses and corporations in certain liability cases, have extensive amounts of resources, financial assets, and power. Often, they will go to great lengths to conduct investigations, hire expert assistance, and use other costly tools to shift, split, or fully nullify fault on behalf of their clients in order to pay as little as possible to injured victims.

When insurance companies and businesses feel threatened by the possibility of a large settlement, these efforts typically tend to increase. Shook & Stone will pursue any necessary investigations and methods of strengthening your case on our own bill. This ultimately levels the playing field between you and aggressive companies, building your case to its strongest potential while not penalizing you financially in the event that we are not successful. It should also be mentioned that we will never pursue any serious ventures or legal actions without your full consent and understanding. Our attorneys will provide you with our experienced and qualified legal opinion while always respecting your decision.

Alleviate Your Financial Worries
The most common concerns we encounter upon first meeting with injured victims and their families are financial worries. Many of our clients are reluctant or hesitant about paying fees that they may not be able to afford. These worries are more than justified, as the costly medical bills from treatment and care required by injuries are substantial. Many injured victims are also unable to work as a result of their injuries and lost wages, which only serves to intensify financial struggles.

With the conditional fee agreement, you have no reason to worry about being able to afford our experienced and talented legal services. We feel this strategy can give victims the confidence and hope to reach out for qualified legal representation, regardless of whether they can afford it or not. Combine this with our free case evaluations and it is clear that our priority at Shook & Stone is always the well-being of our clients and the success of their cases.

We Know How to Win
At the end of the day, we use conditional fee agreements because we want clients to understand that our firm knows how to win and that we are confident in our abilities as down-to-earth attorneys and tough litigators. With more than $100 million in compensation recovered for clients since 1997, you can be confident that we have the experience, legal knowledge, and earnest commitment needed to bring your case to a favorable resolution.

Let Our 85 Years of Experience Work for You

Our attorneys have 85 years of combined experience and have handled countless personal injury claims for clients from all walks of life. Throughout the years, we have accumulated extensive insight not only in the many intricacies and complications of personal injury law, but also in the ways that injuries can impact victims and their families. Our top priority has always been our clients' satisfaction and our motivation to win stems from a genuine desire to help them and their families navigate through these tough times, which is why we know conditional fee agreements are the best choice all across the board. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, contact Shook & Stone today.

We're Here to Help No Fees Unless We Win.

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