Catastrophic Injuries

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Catastrophic injuries can be any serious physical damage that results in long-term care and life-altering physical or mental limitations. Injuries classified as catastrophic are extremely devastating and affect nearly all aspects of a victim's physical, emotional and financial well-being. Whether catastrophic injuries result from car accidents, medical malpractice or motorcycle accidents, fair compensation is of the utmost importance. At Shook & Stone, our attorneys have successfully recovered more than $100 million in compensation for clients since 1997, and we have the experience and dedication to help catastrophic injury victims obtain the compensation they need.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

There are various types of catastrophic injuries, all of which can require serious medical procedures, long term treatment or specialized care. Injuries that are typically considered catastrophic include:

Brain Injuries
The human brain is an amazingly powerful yet extremely delicate organ. Trauma and injuries to the head or brain can result in debilitating physical and mental damages. Often, brain damage is highly complex and difficult and expensive to treat.

Neck, Back, and Spinal Cord Injuries
Neck, back and spinal cord injuries can be considered catastrophic when they result in life-changing disabilities such as paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia or other conditions that require long term care. These injuries can lead to a lifetime of medical treatment, specialized care and numerous physical limitations.

Organ Damage
When vital organs are severely damaged, transplants or other serious medical procedures must be used. This can create many physical limitations for a victim as well as a lifetime of medical treatment.

Hearing and Sight Damage
Injuries that result in a victim losing their sight or hearing are extremely devastating. These injuries are life changing and can have a serious impact on a victim's quality or enjoyment of life.

All catastrophic injuries are the result of a sudden or impacting trauma, and they result in serious damages that can require treatment for months, years or even lifetimes. Other common catastrophic injuries include the loss of limbs, severe burns and damages to the central nervous system. The costly medical bills from catastrophic injuries can be outstanding. As most catastrophic injuries also commonly result in a victim's inability to work, the extreme financial struggles victims face make compensation a necessity.

Compassionate Legal Support for Victims and Families

Catastrophic injuries also place a great deal of strain and worry on the families of victims. Perhaps the most devastating aspect of these life-altering injuries is that they can affect so many lives in so many ways. Victims who experience severe physical and mental limitations are prevented from having the same kind of relationships they once had and families are forced to suffer as well. In addition to financial support for expensive medical treatment, personal injury claims can also compensate victims and their families for the emotional and psychological damages they suffered.

Work with Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys

When it comes to catastrophic injuries, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney from our firm can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. With 85 years of combined experience, our legal team understands the complexities of catastrophic injury claims and we work closely with both clients and doctors to ensure that all financial, emotional and medical needs are met. If you or a loved one has been catastrophically injured by the negligence of another, you need the compassionate and skilled legal representation Shook & Stone can provide. Contact our firm today.

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