Safety Tips for Riders

Safety Tips for Riders

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At Shook & Stone, we take motorcycle accident cases very seriously. We have seen far too many people lose loved ones or sustain catastrophic injuries in these collisions, and therefore spare no effort as we seek justice on behalf of victims and their families. Our motorcycle accident attorneys handle cases in Reno, Carson City and the surrounding areas in Nevada, using more than 85 years of collective experience to pursue maximum financial compensation for every client we represent.

Though we cannot go back in time to prevent a collision that has already occurred, there may be ways that a rider can decrease his or her chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident. The following safety tips are meant to help motorcyclists take proactive measures to avoid serious collisions:

Take a motorcycle training course. To ride a motorcycle safely, you need proper training. Taking a course and even choosing to undergo ongoing training can help ensure that you know how to operate your bike properly, even in potentially hazardous situations.

Choose a bike that suits your needs. Whether you plan on riding long distances for leisure or want a sport bike for short trips in the city, it is important to find a bike that suits your needs. This includes the type of bike, how powerful it is and what features it has.

Get to know your bike before you take it out. Understanding the ins and outs of your bike is crucial if you are to maintain and ride it properly. Read the owner's manual and be sure to keep maintenance up to date, fixing any problems that may arise.

Ride defensively. This is one of the most important safety tips for riders to follow. Motorcyclists face a number of challenges on the road, and one of the primary problems is motorists who simply do not see them until it's too late. When riding defensively, a motorcyclist is particularly aware of others on the road and never assumes that a driver can see him or her. As an example, motorcyclists must anticipate that drivers making left turns may not see them and therefore must be prepared to take defensive maneuvers to avoid a collision. Defensive riding may make all the difference.

Wear the right gear. A helmet that complies with federal safety standards and other protective gear can help a rider avoid fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident. Choosing and wearing the right helmet, gloves, jacket, pants and boots is an essential part of rider safety.

Make yourself and your bike as visible as possible. Visibility is a serious issue that motorcyclists face every time they take to the road. Taking measures to increase visibility can help avoid collisions by making other motorists aware of a bike and rider. This can be accomplished by always riding with your headlight on, wearing reflective clothing and riding a bike that is a bright color.

Take extra caution in heavy weather or poor road conditions. Motorcycles and their riders are more likely to be affected by adverse weather or hazardous roads. For this reason, take particular care when riding in the rain or through an area where there are potholes or debris in the road. These could cause a serious collision.

If you are involved in a collision, involving an attorney may be one of the most important choices you make. Dealing with a resulting insurance claim and determining whether you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit can be difficult. With experience in these matters, a Reno motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm may be able to help you seek the monetary damages you deserve. Call today.

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