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Nursing homes have become a hot button issue in American society. As medical advancements have led to people living longer, more families and elderly people have made the decision to live in facilities that promise an environment of compassionate care and attentive medical treatment. Despite the ethical and professional standards of care nursing homes are expected to uphold, abuse and neglect are common in facilities that house elderly residents.

When there is evidence of abuse and neglect resulting in injury or illness, victims and families have the right to take the necessary legal actions to hold caregivers, employees and facilities liable for their actions. At Shook & Stone, we have helped numerous clients complete the personal injury legal process as a way to speak out against nursing home abuse and to allow victims to obtain compensation for the damages they suffered.

What is nursing home abuse & elder neglect?

Nursing home abuse can take many forms. Whether it is physical or emotional neglect or outright abuse, nursing home negligence can result in disastrous consequences for residents who are already in fragile conditions. Physical damage and illnesses are common, as well as catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Some examples of nursing home abuse include:

Neglecting Basic Needs
The failure to provide safe, healthy and adequate conditions is a common form of nursing home neglect. This can include a caregiver's neglect to provide food and water and a clean environment. Neglecting personal hygiene, oral care, bathing, clothes, bedding, and general cleanliness are other examples.

Medical Neglect
Elderly residents in nursing homes often have numerous health and medical issues. In addition to providing necessary medical care for whatever condition they may have, residents also need swift and competent medical attention for any injury or illness they may experience. Untreated cuts and illnesses can quickly spiral into serious conditions with numerous risks. Bed sores are also a major problem if left untreated.

Physical Abuse
In any situation, physical abuse should never be tolerated. As elderly residents are vulnerable and often defenseless, physical abuse is both extremely distasteful and dangerous to those in fragile states of health.

Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse and neglect is also quite common. Caregivers may neglect the social needs of residents, which can result in psychological distress and depression. Verbal abuse in nursing homes also happens frequently. Many elderly residents are also financially exploited by caregivers or other people who capitalize and prey on their frail conditions.

Despite the numerous regulations and an increase in public scrutiny of the ethical and professional practices surrounding nursing homes, abuse and neglect in these facilities routinely goes overlooked and unreported. Any form of abuse or neglect can take its toll on vulnerable residents and can result in serious physical, emotional and financial damages.

Speak Out Against Abuse: Call Our Reno Injury Lawyers

Elderly residents are often reluctant or entirely unable to articulate the abuse they endure. As a result, numerous cases go unreported and unpunished and many victims are forced to suffer. With the help of an understanding and dedicated attorney from our firm, you can help give these victims a voice. If you suspect your loved one may be a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, we strongly urge you to bring your case to the attention of our firm so that we can conduct any necessary investigations and help you take the legal steps needed to hold these careless people or facilities accountable for their actions. By speaking out for your loved one, you can also help others who may not have a voice themselves.

At Shook & Stone, we have the knowledge, resources and determination to ensure that nursing home abuse does not go unpunished. By working with our exceptional legal team and their 85 years of combined experience, you can help end the neglect and abuse of your loved one and of any other unseen and unheard victims. A personal injury claim can also help you obtain compensation for the damages your loved one suffered. Contact us today.

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