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Injured victims whose physical damages have greatly limited or prevented their ability to work may be eligible to receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. Your eligibility and compensation under SSD depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of your injury or illness and numerous federal regulations. At Shook & Stone, our experienced attorneys can help to clarify all aspects of this often difficult process and can provide our legal assistance during your application or appeal.

Social Security Eligibility

Governed by the Social Security Administration (SSA), Social Security disability is surrounded by a great deal of federal legislation. As such, the SSA tends to be extremely strict about who they accept to receive SSD. In fact, denial rates during the initial state of the SSD application process are currently higher than 60%. During appeals, denial rates increase to more than 80%. This means that having qualified legal representation highly familiar and experienced with SSD claims can prove indispensable in helping you navigate successfully through this difficult process.

There are many qualifying criteria that applicants must meet in order to receive SSD. This initial stage of qualifying for disability benefits depends entirely on the nature and scope of your physical injury or illness. Applicants are required to provide proof of permanent disability or of a condition that has lasted, or is projected to last, more than one year. In addition, your physical condition must show evidence of a long-term need for assistance as it prevents you from performing the required duties of your previous job and also from finding new employment due to your age, education, or level of impairment.

Defining "Disability"

It should be mentioned that SSD pays only for total disability, meaning that no benefits are payable for partial or short-term disability as in workers' compensation. The definition of "disability" that the Social Security Administration uses when considering eligibility is based entirely on your inability to work. The SSA will consider you disabled if:

  • You cannot perform the work you did before your injury
  • The SSA determines that you cannot adjust to other work due to your medical condition
  • Your disability has lasted, or is expected to last, for at least one year or until death

In addition, Social Security disability is funded by the Social Security tax fund and requires proof that an injured applicant has paid Social Security taxes through their work wages for a certain amount of time in order to be eligible. A reasonably consistent work history prior to suffering an injury or illness is a crucial component of a successful claim. Our attorneys have developed an extensive amount of experience in helping injured victims compile their "work credit" history of employment and tax payments to ensure that they meet SSA requirements.

How Shook & Stone Can Help

As a notoriously difficult, lengthy, and frustrating process, applying for Social Security disability often proves to be an overwhelming experience for injured victims. In order to allow you to focus on recovery, our attorneys can handle all the legal matters of your case while keeping you well-informed throughout the entire process. According to the SSA, most denials are the result of insufficient medical documentation, insufficient work history, and a high percentage of applicants filing when they are unfamiliar with the SSD process, procedures, and requirements involved. At Shook & Stone, our attorneys focus on these key elements in order to greatly reduce your risk of being denied.

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If you are looking to apply or file an appeal for Social Security disability, you need experienced and knowledgeable legal representation that can swiftly and successfully resolve your case. At Shook & Stone, this is precisely what you will get. In addition to our unrivaled level of personal commitment, your application or appeal will benefit from 85 years of combined experience and a solid working knowledge of the elements needed to successfully and accurately handle SSD cases. With more than $100 million in compensation recovered for clients since 1997, you can be confident that Shook & Stone can get the results you need. Contact us today.

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