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At any time of day or night, when you step into your car take to the road or highway, you are sure to see a semi-truck, 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, tanker truck or other large commercial vehicle. Trucks are an ever-present part of American roadways, transporting goods across the country. Subsequently, drivers are at a constant risk of being involved in collisions with these immense vehicles. When truck accidents do happen, the consequences can be devastating.

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At Shook & Stone, we have seen countless truck accidents and the horrific effects they can cause. As trucks are massive machines with an inability to stop and maneuver quickly, accidents are a very real possibility and resulting injuries may be severe. Traffic accidents involving large trucks may result in catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. When there is evidence that driver or trucking company negligence cause an accident, victims can file personal injury claims to hold them liable and to obtain compensation for the damages they suffered.

Truck Accident Information

You can learn more about truck accidents and the rights of victims in Nevada to seek financial compensation for their injuries by reviewing the information we have compiled on these important matters. Links and brief descriptions of key topics are included below, or you can contact a Reno truck accident lawyer at our offices at any time for a confidential review of your case.

Injuries in Truck Accidents
Injuries in truck accidents may be severe due to the disparity in size and weight between the large truck and another vehicle. Occupants of passenger cars and other smaller vehicles are more likely to be injured or killed in these collisions. Due to the severity of truck accident injuries, our team is committed to seeking justice and maximum compensation in every case we handle.

Truck Accident Causes
Truck accidents may result from drunk driving, distracted drivers, speeding and other causes common to all traffic accidents. There are some factors, however, that we see only in commercial vehicle collisions, including truck driver fatigue, trucking regulation violations, improper loading, overloaded trucks and mechanical failure. Determining the cause of a collision is a key part of our legal counsel.

Who is Responsible?
In a truck accident, responsibility may lie with any of a number of parties – depending on the cause of the collision. This may be the truck driver, trucking company, truck mechanic, loading company, supplier, truck manufacturer or perhaps another motorist. Your lawyer can help determine accountability to seek the compensation you need.

Nevada Truck Accident Statistics
Looking at truck accident statistics can help one get a clear picture of how frequently these occur, why they occur and what effects they have. Our attorneys compiled statistics, facts and figures to provide a better understanding of these serious accidents.

Federal and State Trucking Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the government organization which governs the trucking industry. The FMCSA establishes numerous laws that regulate the health and safety requirements of trucking companies, drivers and vehicles. Some of the most important regulations that commonly come into play during truck accident cases include:

Driver Regulations
Truck drivers are subjected to heightened requirements of driver safety. In addition to the requirement for adequate safety and driver training, truck drivers are also prevented from operating their vehicles while impaired. They are prohibited from driving under the influence of any controlled substance, and cannot drive a truck with a BAC level higher than .04%. Aggressive driving and distracted driving can also hold drivers liable for injury causing accidents.

Hours-of-Service Regulations
Another important regulation for both companies and drivers concerns strict limitations on the hours drivers are allowed to work. Known as hours-of-service regulations, drivers are prevented from driving more than 11 hours a day and from working more than 15 hours in a day. There are also strict requirements for time off and the documentation of hours worked. As driver fatigue can result in horrendous accidents, the failure to obey hours-of-service regulations is extremely dangerous.

Weight Limitations
The weight a truck or vehicle can carry is also regulated by the FMCSA. These federal laws protect both city infrastructure, such as bridges, and public safety. Companies frequently overload trucks to cut costs, which is both illegal and dangerous to others on the road.

Vehicle Regulations
Trucking companies are also held to strict requirements to properly and routinely maintain the vehicles in their fleet. This includes proper vehicle and engine maintenance as well as the regulation of dangerous or hazardous materials.

Company Regulations
Trucking companies may ultimately be held liable for any violations or failures to meet federal laws. In addition to proper upkeep of their vehicles, companies must also keep extensive documentation. Companies are also required to conduct background checks on drivers and regular drug and alcohol testing.

At Shook & Stone, our attorneys are highly regarded for our unrivaled knowledge of federal trucking regulations. Our 85 years of combined experience have afforded us a solid and insightful understanding of these laws and how they can be applied to our clients' cases. If you choose to work with our firm, you can be confident that we will implement our extensive knowledge into our evaluations and investigations in order to clearly establish fault on trucking companies or drivers. As a result, your case will be strengthened immensely and you can have a better chance of obtaining the maximum compensation possible.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, we may be able to help protect your right to full and fair compensation. By working closely with you during your personal injury claim process, our experienced attorneys can apply knowledge of federal trucking regulations to ensure that drivers or companies responsible for your accident are held liable for their negligence. Our firm has also successfully secured more than $100 million in compensation for our clients since 1997, a testament to our skill and determination. Contact a Reno truck accident attorney today.

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